As a merchant processor or acquirer, your merchant customers are demanding a more flexible range of services, more competitive pricing, and easier access to critical business data like revenue reports, transaction details and operating expenses. To respond to increased competition and the threat of merchant churn, your processing solution must provide flexible pricing to meet merchant terms and a scalable, flexible architecture to launch new services faster. Merchant customers are also demanding the flexibility to charge and settle in an unlimited number of currencies to facilitate cross-border operations and international commerce.

IST/MAS – provides a robust, multi currency solution for merchant accounting and generating general ledger entries in the currency of choice. It accepts merchant credit card association deposit batch files for payment and subsequent transaction fee charging. In addition, IST/MAS assesses the attributes of each transaction received, either financial or nonfinancial, and performs the necessary transaction processing fee calculations.

IST/MAS is an ideal bolt-on for your IST implementation to deliver strong merchant acquiring functionality for your business.



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