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IST/Switch is our open platform, high-performance credit and debit processing switch for all your transaction processing needs. As a front-end processor that handles unlimited devices, networks and host systems, IST/Switch manages ATM and POS networks of any size, electronic funds transfer and inter-network switching. IST/Switch’s state-of-the-art architecture offers full compliance with all major networks, proven high performance, and full customisation for any processing environment.

IST/Switch enables you to:

  • Process transactions from any source: ATM, POS, Internet, mobile devices, etc.
  • Provide batch and online network interfaces required to process credit/debit transactions through all the major card associations and networks including: Visa®, MasterCard®, Interac, American Express®, Diners®, JCB, STAR®, NYCE® and HONOR.
  • Accept transactions in and output to any message format.

Core functionality

A comprehensive feature set for ATM transaction processing, including support for multiple ATM types and emulations, multiple institutions, multiple currencies and a wide range of security, administration and monitoring functions.

A comprehensive POS acquiring solution, including support for multiple POS device types, multiple transaction types and multiple network message formats. A wide range of core EFT processing features that ensure payments are processed securely, completely, and with integrity at every stage of the switching and authorisation cycle.

IST/Switch for Processors performs a range of essential processing functions, including:

  • Acquiring credit/debit transactions and routing them through card networks for authorisation.
  • Routing transactions through our clearing products to ensure lowest available interchange rates.
  • Integration with one of our merchant solutions such as Cortex to manage the complete cycle of merchant settlement, payments, fees and commissions.
  • Integration with Connex and DataNavigator to take advantage of enterprise authorisation capabilities and flexible transaction analysis and reporting.
  • Integration with third-party fraud management products to provide real-time or batch transaction scoring and predictive fraud detection.

IST/Switch for Networks performs a range of essential, processing functions, including:

  • Acceptance of incoming transaction authorisation requests from multiple acquirers and processors.
  • Routing of incoming transaction authorisation requests to issuers running card management solutions.
  • Output of electronic capture/deposit files, for creation of qualified clearing and settlement files sent to issuers.
  • Integration with third-party fraud detection products for real-time checking of fraudulent transactions.




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