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  Applications management

FIS owns and operates many data centres around the world, supporting our clients’ business in outsourcing mode. This has given us massive experience in the day-to-day business of running software applications – not just our own, but software from many of the leading third-party vendors around the world.

If a full outsourcing relationship does not fit with your strategy, you can still take advantage of our skills, knowledge and experience through our applications management solution.

FIS excels in supporting the management of production applications. We can provide you with a team of experts, tools and methods to manage many of your operational activities within your own operation. This includes functions such as production support, incident resolution, production change management and operations management. By relying on FIS' expertise in these areas, our clients have been able to reduce many of the costs and risks associated with application management.

Cost reduction is only one benefit of our applications management solution. The service takes away much of the overhead and headache of managing your operation, whilst allowing you to retain ownership of the data centre and software. And, should there be an incident, we can draw on our substantial pool of experts to ensure any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. This means you can focus your scarce resources on the mission-critical initiatives rather than on day-to-day information technology concerns.