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In banking and financial services, like many other industries highly reliant on IT, the day-to-day management of the data centre is critical to your organisation's success. Typically, data centres are designed and built to meet incredibly stringent availability requirements, but human error continues to be the greatest cause of unplanned outages in any data centre environment.

At FIS we have extensive experience of managing and running large data centre operations for multiple clients. This has given us a knowledge and experience base that can be leveraged in your organisation. FIS can be contracted to undertake all aspects of running your data centre, leaving you to focus on your core business, secure in the knowledge that your facility is being managed by some of the best operations people in the business.

Your data centre is a mission-critical resource. To manage it properly takes a great deal of time, care and expertise. Here at FIS we can take this pain away from you by providing you with the right people, processes and technology to ensure your data centre availability meets the exacting standards of your business.