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Levering Demographic Data
July 2013
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Identifiying your most profitable market segments with demographic data and a disciplined analysis will lead to market success.


Mobile Banking and Payment Trends — What You Need to Know
May 2011
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This webcast features findings from FIS’ survey of 4,000 consumers regarding mobile banking, mobile payments and mobile remote deposit capture.  Consumer trends, device improvements and app proliferation are converging to propel mobile banking.  Twelve percent of mobile phone owning consumers actively use mobile banking.  The path of mobile banking adoption is moving quickly from early adopters to early majority and is becoming vital to securing relationships with younger consumers who represent attractive targets for future growth.


Building Profitable Relationships with Multichannel Consumers 
February 2011
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This webcast presents results from FIS’ survey of 1,800 consumers to better understand their banking channel usage and their ability and willingness to modify their behaviors in ways that could lead to increased profitability for their banks.  Findings show although consumers are motivated to consolidate their deposit balances to avoid paying fees, relatively few have the means to do so.  But, there is substantial opportunity to gain a larger share of the banking wallet through relationship-based product packages.