Consumer lending

Advanced Lending Solutions (ALS) is a highly sophisticated, scalable, lending software package that provides automated account management and proactive customer care for the life of the loan. ALS becomes the system of record for a loan account after it leaves origination and until it is paid off.

ALS’ modular construction supports a wholly integrated accounting system that streamlines billing, interest accruals, fee calculations and assessment, payment processing, delinquency management and myriad customer service functions.

All attributes of a loan product are assigned to independent but interconnected modules, so lenders can change selected product parameters (e.g. interest rate or insurance premium) without having to reprogram the software.

Today ALS is trusted by some of the world’s largest organisations to run their loan processing. Our clients benefit from huge reductions in cost, (up to 80 percent in one instance), without compromising on customer service, flexibility or speed to market.

By engaging FIS to deliver your lending solution on an outsourced basis, we can help you replace your legacy systems without the huge risks associated with core system replacement. At FIS we strongly believe that our core skills in IT development and operational outsourcing can drive a step change in your business.





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