Connex software is one of the most used EFT software solutions in the world, delivering mission critical services for more than 9,000 banks worldwide – not to mention one of the most powerful, most reliable and most cost-effective. Connex is FIS’ award-winning global electronic payment solution, handling over 26 billion transactions annually. Connex processes the full spectrum of transaction activities, including EFT, EBT and POS, as well as providing the ultimate in percentage of up time.

Connex gives you all the power of the premier technology in EFT network and third-party processing – integrated seamlessly with your back-office tools and services – including settlement, reconciliation, reporting adjustments and movement of funds.

Connex software, available on the IBM® and HP® NonStop platforms, offers a single, integrated hardware and software solution for transaction acquisition, processing, settlement and reporting. Connex provides everything you need to operate a full-service, in-house EFT processing centre, including:

  • ATM and POS device driving
  • Transaction switching
  • Authorisation
  • Settlement and reconciliation
  • Advanced systems monitoring and management
  • ATM self-service banking
  • Data capture and transaction analysis via Data Navigator
  • Network access
  • E-commerce

Connex is available as licensed software or as a fully outsourced solution; the combination of world-class software and our scale economies for processing make the Connex outsourcing model a real winner for our clients.

Connex is the world’s leading transaction switch and provides the ideal heart of your Retail Payments Hub strategy.






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