Data Navigator

Data Navigator collects and connects payment card transactional data across an enterprise to provide you with a real-time, enterprise wide view of all transactions and consumer interactions flowing through your systems. With Data Navigator you will be able to optimise your transaction research, exception management, ATM management, settlement and reporting functions in one central location thereby improving efficiency, effectiveness and customer service.

On any given business day, a percentage of transactions will become exception items, each of which must be handled in accordance with network and bank rules. Manual processing of exceptions is expensive, inaccurate and frustrating for the consumer as decision making is slow. Data Navigator dramatically cuts the effort and uncertainty associated with resolving disputes and queries. Its exception management system is an intelligent, rules-based engine supporting the entire life cycle of an exception, from retrieval requests to adjustments, chargebacks, re-presentment, rejection or arbitration.

Institutions using Data Navigator have seen their costs and losses fall significantly whilst reporting improvements in customer satisfaction.

Other valuable benefits for Data Navigator:

  • A Web-based user interface can be deployed for bank staff to retrieve transaction information to respond to customer enquiries on the spot.
  • Data Navigator can be used by one institution, or by a processor, to provide its clients with controlled access to their own data.
  • For organisations working in a continuous-processing environment or where compliance mandates require short settlement windows, Data Navigator provides settlement totals in real time to facilitate settlement.
  • Data Navigator monitors your ATM estate, giving you the ability to proactively manage your ATMs and troubleshoot problems quickly.

Did you know:

  • More than 3,500 customers rely on Data Navigator.
  • Banks in over 100 countries and national switches on four continents use the product.
  • The software handles more than 30 billion transactions globally every year.


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