The payment services experts

At FIS, Merchant Payments, we help businesses from retailers to b2b merchants to financial service providers to sell more by making it easier for their customers to pay or by providing information and risk/fraud management services.

We specialise in the processing and management of card payments, consumer finance, cheques, debt recovery, ecommerce / online and automated payment mechanisms. Our core competencies include technical development and risk management skills, backed up with a flexible, resilient and secure technology infrastructure that leads the payment services industry. With an information database that is unique built upon millions of transactions and with years of specialised risk management expertise we are trusted to provide a wide portfolio of payment processing, verification and information services.

We have strong relationships with more than 14,000 merchants and companies in Europe who use our services at over 100,000 locations. Our clients trust us to accept payments or to transact services more securely, easily and quickly. Our clients can respond to their customers' orders and requests immediately and they can protect their profit in each transaction, whilst offering more payment choices.

Your business exists to accept payments, so it makes sense to call in the experts FIS, Merchant Payments.

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