Card processing

FIS offers card processing for credit, debit and prepaid cards. Our services include corporate as well as consumer cards and are available as licensed software or outsourced processing. FIS offer two specialised platforms catering for the specific and different needs of credit and prepaid/debit programmes.

BASE Global – representing our next generation of credit card processing software, BASE Global offers:

  • Card processing for personal cards and commercial accounts – business, corporate and purchasing cards
  • Transaction-level pricing and payment options – promotional, introductory rate and fee options

Alongside consumer cards, BASE Global also supports business card, corporate card and purchasing card requirements. Commercial card accounts are associated with a company that can have up to six hierarchical levels. There are authorisation controls that can authorise transactions based on several parameters, such as the company hierarchy, the merchant and time of day.

Cortex – designed and operated to meet the specific needs of the prepaid and debit business, Cortex provides the flexibility and agility needed in this dynamic and fast paced environment. Supporting open, closed and restricted loop products, Cortex is fully PA DSS compliant and many of Europe’s most significant prepaid programmes are run from this platform.

Whichever card programme you want to run FIS also provides a wide range of value-added services, which deliver a plug and play solution for your card launch. FIS services cover everything from application origination through to fraud, disputes, collections and chargebacks.




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