Profile Overview

Profile® is FIS’ premier real-time, ultrascalable core banking system. It is a platform independent,  fully integrated solution that includes customer, banking product, account and transactional requirements. With unmatched production scalability and ultrahigh availability, Profile supports hundreds of institutions, ranging from de novo startups to top-tier global banks.

Profile’s real-time processing architecture provides immediate updates to the system of record and completes every transaction at the point of sale, optimising workflow and virtually eliminating reprocessing and reconciliation. Institutions using Profile as their core banking system experience industry-leading, total-cost-of-ownership benefits based on increased operational efficiency, as well as dramatically lower infrastructure costs.

Enables Business Agility and Competitive Advantage

Profile has a unique product architecture that is designed to dynamically adapt to the changing demands of the industry. Its core infrastructure is composed of thousands of modular features that are selectively assembled and combined to create retail and commercial banking products. 

Supports Growth and High Volume with Exceptional Reliability and Service Levels

Profile has been formally benchmarked at more than 3,000 online transactions per second and greater than 16,000 system-generated transactions per second. It has been benchmarked on configurations with up to 100 million accounts in a single database. The system is in production in multiple installations containing many millions of accounts, including a client that is running over 16 million accounts in a single database. 



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