Connex delivers everything you need to offer your customers a reliable ATM system with the most current features and functions, giving you an effective and efficient one-stop solution for your ATM system needs. The world-beating technology platform delivers high availability and extensive monitoring capabilities so all that you and your customers experience is the seamless delivery of ATM products and services.

You have already invested heavily in installing and maintaining your ATM estate, so why cut corners when it comes to ATM driving? Connex has been built to deliver premium quality services to your ATM customers. As a Connex user you will experience the highest availability and the closest control over your ATM estate.

Connex supports all major ATM manufacturers and FIS is committed to extending this capability to incorporate new ATMs, components and software based on our clients’ requirements. So, with Connex at the heart of your processing hub you can be confident in your ability to acquire large transaction volumes from a wide variety of ATM types.

Connex simplifies the management of complex local, regional, national and global network relationships. And, Connex software provides “smart” routing capabilities to ensure that transactions are promptly and readily processed – and that alternative routing is established when primary routes are unavailable.

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