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Image Outsource

A Better Approach to Check Capture and Document Handling

Margin pressures persist, so keeping costs in check remains a priority. Potential savings can be realized by outsourcing your distributed capture, document imaging and back-office activities. FIS™ can help you remove paper from the process of clearing checks and help you gain efficiencies in document archival and retrieval.

  • Streamline processes and workflows for increased productivity.
  • Better serve customers through faster check clearing and response to research requests.
  • Reduce expenses and capital expenditures.

Distributed Capture

Improve Productivity and Reduce Costs

FIS Distributed Capture Solutions

Removing paper from the process of clearing checks saves time and reduces costs for everyone – consumers, merchants and every area of the banking branch. Our proven image outsource solutions also increase productivity, optimize accuracy and contribute to a greener planet.

  • Secure, convenient access to accounts for retail customers – With consumer capture, customers can make fewer branch visits, a differentiator that helps you grow deposits. Mobile capture is also available.
  • Reduce time to clear for business customers – Merchant capture lets businesses transmit scanned checks throughout the day, which lets you extend your same-day processing window.
  • Streamline workflows in the branch – With branch capture, images move into the daily processing environment earlier. Benefits: extended item processing deadlines, reduced courier runs, later end-of-day cutoffs, reduced peak-time staffing.
  • Capture the image before the check gets to the back office – Teller capture lets your front-line employees spend more time focusing on your customers’ needs.
  • Provide greater convenience at the ATM – Customers can deposit checks directly into the ATM without an envelope.

Document Imaging

Seamless, Efficient Access to the Records You Need

Without effectively managing the thousands of documents that flood your financial institution, productivity suffers and expenses rise. VisionContent from FIS™ is a comprehensive outsourcing solution for acquiring, indexing, storing, archiving and retrieving financial documents, check images and business-critical data. Information is securely stored in a centralized repository, yet easily accessible to qualified personnel.

  • Better fulfill customer requests.
  • Streamline business processes.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Reduce expenses.
FIS Document Imaging Solutions

Outsourced Services

The Latest Technology without the Capital Investment

FIS Outsourced Services Solutions

When you outsource back-office imaging and archiving functions, you not only preserve capital, you stay current with technology. Let us equip your branches with the equipment needed to capture and sort items and handle exceptions. Once transmitted to our technology center, we’ll perform the keying, balancing, archiving and statement production, plus day-two procedures.

  • Fulfill customer research requests in a fraction of the time.
  • Keep staff focused on mission-critical activities.
  • Prevent fraud.
  • Gain more complete information about existing and prospective customers.