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Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions must stay ahead of their competitors by delivering a more personalized banking experience for their customers – one that is designed around all the ways those customers want to handle their finances. FIS leverages its broad Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) expertise and assets to make it simple and easy for financial institutions to define and deploy their own differentiated EFT growth strategy.

Meeting Customer Expectations Requires More Than a Commodity Solution
When handling their clients’ electronic payments, many financial institutions are caught in a price-driven, commodity mindset. By focusing solely on the cost of foundational EFT services (such as card management and transaction processing), institutions sometimes lose sight of the complete solution required to help them differentiate themselves in a highly competitive marketplace.

Financial institutions are looking to build a sustainable competitive advantage that drives reliable, profitable growth and appeals to their customers’ rising expectations. Clients want their financial institutions to know them better – giving them everything they need, when they need it. They expect to be able to make a wide variety of payments just about anywhere, anytime – whether at their local ATM, in their living room or in the park on their smart phone. With the wide array of options readily available to them, they won’t hesitate to switch institutions if their needs are not met. Meeting these high expectations requires much more than just basic card management and transaction processing – that is just the foundation.

EFT and Beyond
FIS has the broad experience to make it simpler and easier for financial institutions to grow their business, by helping them define and deploy a successful EFT strategy that makes both business and consumer sense. Processing more than 9.5 billion EFT transactions annually, FIS is the clear industry leader. No other organization delivers the breadth of financial and payment services that FIS offers, coupled with the flexibility to deliver solutions in the manner that best meets our clients’ business needs – whether through a service bureau environment, as a licensed product or anything in between.

A complete and integrated EFT solution from FIS provides you with everything you need to ensure your EFT program’s success – from account opening and card production/activation to transaction processing with single-point settlement, and everything in between. In addition to foundational EFT transaction processing, FIS can deliver a wide range of innovative solutions spanning the banking and payments horizon, including core banking, card personalization, the NYCE® Payments Network, fraud management, loyalty, mobile, among others – all tightly integrated. Account management and transaction processing are the foundation, but it is the breadth of product and integration across the FIS footprint that truly allows financial institutions to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Look to FIS
No other organization offers the breadth of product and the depth of integration that FIS offers. With more than four decades of experience and thousands of customers, FIS has everything you need to provide the innovative and reliable EFT and payment processing solutions that your clients have come to expect of you. From card issuing to transaction acquiring, FIS provides Web-enabled, end-to-end products and services that you can count on.

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