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Fight Card Fraud with FIS

Innovative Card Fraud Management Products You Can Trust

Protect your financial institution's monetary card channels from fraud with FIS™ card fraud protection solutions. Our quick response team can stop potential fraudulent transactions at the point of sale protecting your customers and significantly reducing your exposure.

Our fully redundant bilingual call centers in Florida and Wisconsin are staffed 24/7 from 8 a.m. ‒ 9 p.m., in their respective time zones, with English and Spanish speaking representatives.

Services include:

  • Fraud alert review, including corresponding transactions
  • Real-time case evaluation to determine appropriate actions
  • Temporary holds on cards to protect cardholders until contacted
  • Contact with card issuers for their consideration of internal action

Our state-of-the-art solution incorporates Falcon’s patented cardholder profiling technology and other innovative technologies, including

  • Industry-leading modeling and analytics
  • Sophisticated neutral network models
  • Patented account profiling technologies
  • Flexible, customized intelligence rules
  • Expert case management
  • Detailed reporting for simplified analysis
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Customized Card Fraud Alerts

Set Your Own Alert Rules to Detect Card Fraud

Card fraud is dynamic. Now you can minimize cardholder impact and optimize cardholder convenience by making your card fraud alerts dynamic, too. FIS™ On-demand Client Custom Rules let you adjust your card fraud alerts with emerging or flash fraud trends unique to your financial institution and specific card portfolio(s). The process enhances your institution’s self-awareness by enabling you to create granular, intuitive fraud prevention and detection rules rather than static authorization rules.

Here’s how it works:

  • You submit a completed Client Custom Rule Request form to your client relations or product support representative.
  • FIS fraud analysts perform pre-deployment testing on your rule.
  • We integrate the rule with the fraud alert management process utilizing Falcon rules.
  • We provide impact results, rule definition and the time implemented.

Choose to decline a suspect fraud card authorization at the point of sale or submit it to our Fraud Alert Management work center for cardholder validation.

FIS fraud management offers several custom rule programs with small, medium and large issuers in mind. Choose a custom rule program that works best for you. FIS On-demand Client Custom Rule Services include:

Premium Client Custom Rules:

  • Custom client rules ‒ 24 per calendar year
  • After-hours support for custom client rule requests
  • Billed as a monthly discounted service enhancement

Advanced Client Custom Rules:

  • Custom client rules ‒ 12 per calendar year
  • After-hours support for custom client rule requests
  • Billed as a monthly discounted service enhancement

A La Carte Client Custom Rules:

  • No limit on the number of rules
  • No package discounts applied
  • Client custom rule support during business hours only
  • Billed per rule request for each custom rule implemented

The FIS fraud prevention team also designs and delivers classroom, web and computer based training that covers a wide range of topics.

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FIS Card Fraud Management
Applied Analytics Services

Work with a Dedicated FIS Fraud Analyst

Our FIS™ Applied Analytics solution comes with a dedicated FIS fraud analyst who’ll perform ongoing fraud trend analysis and help you design a customized fraud strategy program to address your specific card portfolio needs.

You’ll benefit from:

  • A dedicated fraud analyst
  • Full control over your rule strategies
  • Significant reduction in fraud loss
  • Pre-deployment rule testing
  • Rule effectiveness reporting
  • Analysis of global fraud trends with rule deployment recommendation
  • Flexible rules that can be modified based on specifically defined false/positive ratios
  • Monthly performance reports showing rule effectiveness and fraud types targeted
  • Quarterly executive briefings including overall industry updates

Every day fraud analysts will review fraud dashboards, perform interactive drilldowns and review fraud metrics in search of cardholder fraud on your portfolio and on more than 40 million active credit and debit cards around the world.

Global fraud views include:

  • Top fraud by merchant category codes
  • Top fraud by countries/states
  • Rule effectiveness
  • Fraud by dollar stratification
  • Fraud by score stratification
  • Confirmed fraud ratios
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FIS Compromise Manager

Take Control of Data Compromises

Security comes first at FIS™ and we’re certain it comes first for you, too. But the world is full of ingenious fraudsters constantly working to break through your secure systems and steal customer data. When this happens, you need to gain control quickly. You need FIS Compromise Manager™.

FIS Compromise Manager, a secure, browser-based tool, quickly and effectively manages compromised credit and debit card accounts.

This tool efficiently helps you:

  • Perform targeted fraud monitoring
  • Evaluate cardholder risk
  • Communicate with cardholders automatically
  • Facilitate selective account blocking
  • Minimize cardholder inconvenience
  • Expedite reissued plastics
  • Create audit trails to help with compliance and recovery
  • Perform immediate risk evaluations and provide options for mitigation
  • Reduce administrative overhead
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Dispute Resolution and Chargeback Services

Identify Fraudulent Disputes and Chargebacks

FIS™ Dispute Resolution and Chargeback Services provide end-to-end fraud and dispute recovery management services for you and your customers. We gather and track the necessary documentation to validate fraudulent activity, process compliance chargebacks and prepare case closeout packages for your institution. We can help you quickly resolve disputes and reduce your chargeback liability, including potential losses from fraudulent activity.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Integrated chargeback case creation with Falcon-to-fraud process
  • Streamlined dispute resolution and fraud chargeback processing
  • Automated data collection and fraud data transfer to CUNA Mutual
  • On-demand chargeback custom reporting and consultations
  • Customized communications with your cardholders
  • Full-service and self-administered service options
  • Access to our enhanced Dispute Resolution Center

Fight fraudulent chargebacks and resolve disputes with our single-source solution.

The FIS Dispute Resolution Center is a Web-based solution that leverages a business process modeling platform and robust rules engine to deliver:

  • Scalability
  • Guided actions
  • Efficiencies
  • Improved flexibility

These capabilities will enable FIS to combat existing fraud while actively working toward sophisticated prevention and detection solutions for new and emerging schemes. Our predicative analysis can help fine-tune rule strategies to minimize the impact on good transactions, while implementing new strategies in the early stages of possible flash fraud events.

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More Information, Smarter Credit Decisions

TRIAD™ Customer Manager is a modular account management tool that leverages strategies, behavioral scores and analytics in decision-making processes to reduce risk as it relates to your card portfolio(s).

FIS™ credit card mainframe systems include TRIAD. You can add your specific requirements to its base functionality to get individual cardholder behavioral scoring using criteria that matters the most to you.

Modular decision criteria include:

  • Delinquent collections ‒ Collect on higher-risk accounts as soon as possible while giving lower-risk accounts time to self-correct. The result is more collected dollars with reduced collection costs and charge-off losses.
  • Reissue management ‒ Automate credit card reissuance. You can review accounts multiple times before and after their expiration date, encouraging cardholders to modify behavior as a condition of reissuance.
  • Credit line management ‒ Expand the buying power of your best customers and boost profits while controlling losses from your more risky accounts.
  • Authorizations management ‒ Use current customer information to make fast, point-of-sale decisions regarding transactions for authorization.
  • Over-limit collections ‒ Use TRIAD to determine the true risk level of an account that has exceeded its assigned credit limit. Then take the appropriate action. An over-limit purchase could be the sign of impending delinquency, or it could indicate a creditworthy customer needs more credit.

Test Strategies to Ensure Maximum Benefits

You can test and compare strategies in a pre-production environment to produce the best results for continuous improvement.

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Fraud Prevention and Investigations

Put the FIS Fraud Prevention Team to Work for You

The FIS™ Fraud Prevention team helps you and your financial institution understand, prevent and research fraud loss affiliated with your card programs.

We provide expert advice on:

  • Card fraud trends
  • Authorization parameters
  • Report monitoring
  • Case data development
  • Industry best practices

Our team of investigators works with federal law enforcement agencies, financial institutions and industry associations.

These include:

  • United States Secret Service (USSS)
  • United States Postal Inspection Services (USPIS)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)
  • International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI)
  • Visa©
  • Mastercard©
  • Other third-party processors

Using the latest technology, our fraud investigators make it their mission to prevent fraud and reduce global economic crime. Take advantage of our cost-effective, contractual investigative services to fully address potential high-dollar fraud cases you may not be prepared to handle on your own.

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