Cash Sweep

Cash Sweep Processing

Offering automated cash sweep investments for your high-net-worth, commercial, and municipal customers can be a competitive advantage for your bank. Working with industry-leading mutual fund providers, FIS Cash Manager can help you compete for and win both commercial and retail high-net-worth customers who are seeking higher returns and simplified financial relationships.

Enhance and retain customer relationships with convenient and efficient automated sweep capabilities

FIS Cash Manager delivers benefits to both your bank and your clients, including:

  • A competitive product offering that differentiates you from your competition.
  • The ability for clients to generate market returns on overnight cash balances
  • The liquidity and safety of money market fund investments.
  • The simplicity of integrated record keeping and reporting.
  • Revenue generation opportunity through account fees, margin management, and 12b-1 or shareholder service fees

Additionally FIS offers, in partnership with Reich & Tang, a sweep solution that keeps your client balances on your books. Utilizing FIS Cash Manager to sweep your customers' idle cash into an established account within your bank, the Reich & Tang Cash Sweep offers an On-Balance Sheet option that addresses the challenge of funding ongoing loan demand.

Whether your objective is to offer professionally managed investment choices or to drive deposit growth, FIS has an option for you. To learn more, call FIS at 800.822.6758.

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