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Core Account Processing Services

Personalized service. Competitive choices. Maximum convenience. Your core processing technology must enable you to respond to your customers' changing needs while equipping you with the capabilities to exceed your strategic business goals.

FIS delivers the industry’s most advanced core processing systems that give your commercial bank unprecedented flexibility, scalability and reliability through a single source. Through knowing that commercial banks have diverse business objectives, we have tailored our systems accordingly. Each of our core solutions contains functionality designed to successfully serve the specific needs of your bank as well as your customers.

We'd be happy to help you find the best solution to meet the needs of your commercial bank. But until we have the opportunity to discuss your requirements in person, please use the following descriptions to guide you through our suite of core solutions.

BancPac delivers client/server software that operates in an easily navigable PC and Microsoft® Windows environment. BancPac can be implemented on an in-house or service bureau basis, providing two alternatives for using the system's technology and processing to improve bottom-line operating efficiency. BancPac allows quick and easy start-up or conversion, with no codes to learn and no expensive mainframe hardware costs.

Bankway Banking Core Software
The Bankway core system is a singularly designed solution inclusive of deposit, lending, accounting/general ledger, cash management, branch teller/platform, ACH, and management reporting components. With in-house or outsourced deployment, Bankway delivers a single customer-centric database to promote effective relationship management, an integrated payments solution to streamline processing, technology options that deliver a positive banking experience to your customers, and easy set-up and training.

FIS Data Services™
Built upon the Bankway® core processing system, FIS Data Services combines the benefits, flexibility and control of an in-house core solution with the power of ongoing training. Our hands-on training program increases your staff's utilization of our core system resulting in increased efficiencies and profitability for your institution.

The designers of the HORIZON solution understand three important concepts: the multi-dimensional nature of commercial banks, the fundamental flow of transactions through a variety of channels, and the importance of strong customer relationships. The result is a unique and far superior approach to general ledger, transaction processing and relationship management. HORIZON is built to run in the IBM® iSeries platform and may be operated at your site by your team or ours, or outsourced to one of our regional technology centers.

Integrated Banking Services (IBS) is a highly flexible and open solution to accommodate financial institutions that need to easily integrate diverse technology with minimal risk and disruption to their business operations and to their customers. It offers robust functionality, scalability and strong integration capabilities, making it the foremost outsourced core solution for retail and commercial banking. With IBS, our clients can deliver superior products to market faster, service their customers more effectively and position themselves for future growth in a competitive marketplace.

Mercury Credit Union Software
It’s tough for many credit unions to compete with the large institutions – after all, your budget and staff are often limited. So how can you afford the technology you need to attract and retain members? With Mercury, an open and integrated core processing solution developed exclusively for credit unions. 

Built to optimize the Unisys Enterprise server, MISER® offers comprehensive and tightly integrated retail and commercial functionality for all financial institutions regardless of charter. As the real-time processing foundation for financial institutions nationwide, MISER delivers mission-critical, high-volume processing with proven reliability and efficiency.

Profile® Real Time Solutions
Overall, the Profile suite contains an extensive inventory of thousands of configurable features that are designed to meet the unique product needs of individual retail and commercial financial organizations. It supports an installed base of approximately 200 institutions ranging from direct banks to top-tier global banks. Key value propositions include:

  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO), based on lower infrastructure costs, ongoing operating costs and increased productivity
  • Short time to market
  • An online, customer-centric, multicurrency, multi-channel system, for deposits and loans for the financial services industry that accepts transactions from any delivery channel

Systematics Core Retail
The Systematics suite of products is a comprehensive suite of retail banking applications that offers integrated, end-to-end solutions for architecture, customer, deposits, end-to-end lending and financial and management reporting. This integrated, multicurrency, multilingual package is flexible enough to use within organizations of any size, business structure or geographic scale. It can easily manage the rapid, successive changes necessary today, whether driven by consolidation, globalization, competition, the Internet or other emerging factors.

We also offer an advanced report archival system called FIS™ Document Management as well as FIS™ Report Management, our loan collateral management and document tracking system.




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