BancPac delivers one of the most efficient, easy-to-use and cost-effective systems for core bank processing available in the market today. Combining the power of the personal computer with true client-server technology, BancPac offers you flexibility, control and the ability to customize your bank's data processing solutions. Placing powerful information at your employees' fingertips, BancPac delivers simplified, streamlined processing that provides your customers with fast and accurate account information.

Unmatched system capabilities – BancPac consists of a series of integrated systems, including customer information file, common deposit accounts, certificates of deposit and IRAs, common loan accounts, general ledger and financial management. These systems work together to accommodate all your information processing needs.

Unparalleled system design – Because BancPac is PC based, the system can use PCs currently installed at your institution. Operating in a Windows environment, BancPac's open systems architecture works in the most widely used, reliable network available.

Platform Solutions

BancPac is fully integrated with a suite of modules designed to expedite new account origination as well as create and maintain a successful sales culture throughout your organization. Our deposit, loan and CRM solutions are available independently or as an integrated suite, delivering the software, disciplines and training associated with account origination, customer service tasks, sales automation and sales management.

Deposit Platform – Automates the tasks and functions associated with originating and processing checking, savings, certificates, IRA and other deposit accounts.

Loan Platform – Automates the tasks and functions associated with originating and processing consumer, commercial and real estate-based lending.

TellerPlus® – TellerPlus is a Windows®-based on-line teller system that integrates the basic concepts of traditional transaction processing with the power of client/server architecture. This full-featured, customizable platform system expands teller operational efficiencies with decreased balancing time, the elimination of proof errors and reduced human errors.

These solutions integrate your people, business processes, sales methodology and sales training with automated software systems, enabling your team to work together from the initial contact through the sales, application, approval, origination, administration and reporting processes. Users throughout your institution have a bank-wide, common view of the overall customer relationship including: accounts, in-process work, activities, contacts and sales opportunities. The result is greatly improved communications, streamlined administrative functions and a complete snapshot of the sales and service pipeline.

FIS™Document Management, our integrated loan and account/portfolio management software, centralizes and consolidates collateral data, making customer information easily accessible and allowing lenders to see critical information before releasing additional funds. Customer information is viewed in one relational data set that provides a comprehensive snapshot of the customer's entire loan portfolio.

FIS™Report Management's advanced report storage and retrieval system permanently stores vital information on CD. Our 32-bit technology provides 100 percent protection against data loss and ensures recovery in the event of a disaster. With FIS Report Management, an institution becomes more profitable, productive and efficient by eliminating microfilm and microfiche, reducing labor costs, lowering storage costs, and enhancing customer service response time.

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