HORIZON Banking System

Powering commercial banks

In the search for technology to more effectively run your commercial bank, it really boils down to superior financial reporting, more accurate transaction management and a deeper understanding of your customers. These are the areas where the HORIZON™ solution excels – and can help you excel.

When it comes to financial reporting, you have big-picture responsibilities to the SEC, the Federal Reserve and your board of directors. You must also report on multiple levels of the institution, by geographic area and by business unit. How can you efficiently deliver information to everyone in all the ways they need results? With HORIZON, and its sophisticated general ledger capabilities that allow all the multi-dimensional parts of your organization to co-exist in a hierarchy that you create – ending the time-consuming, costly reporting exercises of the past.

Our unique approach to transaction processing is based on a fundamental principle: a financial institution is all about credits that offset debits, and debits that offset credits. Our entire infrastructure is built on the concept of balancing the transactions that come in from a myriad of channels. While other solutions focus strictly on the application and look at transactions from either one side or the other, HORIZON treats each transaction as a living, breathing entity – auditing and tracking it from the time it enters your institution until the time it is posted. That’s why we’ve built in all the tools you need to bring each transaction to resolution.

And because we never waver from these two fundamentals – the multi-dimensional hierarchy and the living transaction – HORIZON is true to the very foundations of your business. The result: unsurpassed relationship management capabilities. Other advantages include:

  • HORIZON exists as a single version so we always fully understand what you’re running with no guesswork, and enhancements are easily applied from a simple menu option.
  • Because HORIZON is highly integrated, users can access a broad array of functionality from a single sign-on. Screens look the same and function consistently throughout, so training is fast and productivity stays high.
  • New products can be designed with a built-in, easy-to-use menu of parameters. This enables you to strike back at a competitor’s action within days or even hours, rather than waiting for a team of programmers to write custom code.
  • Built to run on the IBM® iSeries platform, HORIZON may be operated at your site by your team or ours, or outsourced to one of our regional technology centers.
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