Data Processing

Programming/Development Utilizing a Wide Variety of Computer Languages and Platforms

Our technical staff and state-of-the-art hardware enables FIS Output Solutions to operate using a wide variety of languages on many different operating platforms. Within these unique environments, we continue to evolve our data processing products and services at a pace that is both efficient and practical for our clients' needs.

A critical element of strength and lasting success in the output processing industry is FIS’ ability to provide top-notch programming/development experience. FIS Output Solutions was founded in 1968 as a computer service bureau specializing in computer output solutions. We have demonstrated our commitment to meeting our clients’ needs and fulfilling their unique – and often custom – programming requirements.

Recognizing that your business needs are constantly changing, FIS Output Solutions offers a wide variety of programming formats to create customized documents unique to your business. Taking your existing data output format and combining it with a customized program written by FIS Output Solutions, results in a new document design to enhance your company's image and future business.


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