Document Printing

FIS Output Solutions offers a complete computer output solution for the creation, management and delivery of customer invoices, statements and billing documents. Regardless of the needs of your industry – or the demands of your business – FIS can produce custom documents that are accurate, up-to-date and effective.

Using our high-speed Infoprint®, Xerox®, Canon® and Océ laser printers, FIS can help you print thousands of pages of variable, personalized data per hour.

Service and Experience

FIS Output Solutions can help you create effective, high-touch customer documents and communications. With a rich history in document production and printing, our experienced data processing staff understands the various print data streams, customized data processing, document design and formatting. You can trust your documents are produced by the experts.

The FIS document printing solution includes:

  • High-speed Infoprint, Xerox, Canon and Océ laser printers
  • Laser imaging speeds up to 750 ppm (pages per minute) per printer
  • Document design
  • Up to four different input trays
  • 600 x 600 DPI resolution
  • Font flexibility (font scaling, enhancing)
  • Data-driven graphics (pie and bar charts)
  • MICR capabilities (encoded checks)
  • OCR/MICR bar code scan line creation
  • Color custom form printing and management
  • Industry-leading 3 of 9 and 2D Data Matrix barcode placement
  • Logo/signature digitization
  • Simplex/duplex/triplex print capabilities
  • Landscape/portrait print options
  • Re-formatting of statements
  • Dynamic message marketing – customized to specific markets and customers



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