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 Phone Banking

FIS Phone Banking gives your end-users an invaluable telephone link to current account information. This convenient, 24-hour-a-day access to your financial institution helps them keep up with their finances without borrowing time from their already hectic work, family or social schedules. It also provides a great medium for you to market new programs and services to strengthen your valuable relationships.

FIS' Phone Banking helps you meet your busy end-users’ needs by performing banking transactions more conveniently – without extending bank hours or adding more employees. Because your computer answers end-user calls with prerecorded messages and information, you’ll be able to reduce the time and money now spent having service representatives respond in real time to information requests via telephone.

With FIS Phone Banking, your end-users receive:

  • An affordable link between your bank and their touch-tone phone
  • 24-hour access to account and transaction information
  • The ability to leave voice mail messages
  • The ability to perform banking tasks you choose to offer, including:
    • Transferring money between accounts
    • Making loan payments
    • Credit line advances
    • Issuing stop-payment instructions
  • Customized messages from your financial institution promoting new products and services, current interest rates and branch information

FIS Phone Banking provides the following benefits to end-users:

  • Convenience – End-users can call in anytime, day or night, 365 days a year
  • Time and money savings – Eliminates the need for end-users to call or visit the branch
  • Flexibility – End-users can perform transactions from any touch-tone phone

Benefits for your financial institution include:

  • Convenience – An easy interface with any host system allows you to update your information anytime
  • Time and money savings – An inexpensive alternative to adding staff and extending operating hours to handle client inquiries
  • Flexibility – Integration capabilities allow you to seamlessly integrate with other FIS electronic banking products

Competitive Advantages
When choosing a telephone banking program, it’s important to know how FIS Phone Banking compares to others in the industry. Competitive advantages of FIS Phone Banking include:

  • Multiple enrollment methods
  • One screen shows all accounts
  • The ability to make loan or credit card payments online
  • Real-time funds movement
  • Secure messaging between client and financial institutions
  • End-user marketing materials and training
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