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Web Site Services

A well-designed Web site enhances your image, promotes your business and enables you to stay connected with your customers. With many years of experience and a team of experts, FIS™ can help you develop, deploy and maintain your Internet presence. Our proven approach is flexible, affordable and backed by the service and support you need for a successful online presence.

Because we provide full integration with our core processing solutions, you can rest assured your customers have access to your service whenever and wherever they need it. We’ll start by helping you define your goals, business needs and market strategy and then recommend an approach based on this analysis.

FIS Web Site Content Management System

The FIS Web site Content Management System (CMS) is the next generation of Web site maintenance. It is a comprehensive solution for improving your online identity and making it easier than ever to keep your Web site fresh and reliable for your customers.

Product Features:

  • Does not require any HTML knowledge or editing software
    • All editing is done directly from your Internet browser.
    • Access and edit your Web site from any Internet-connected computer.
    • Preview your changes before putting them into production.
    • Versioning allows for tracking of Web site changes and the ability to roll back to an earlier state.
  • Easy to add and organize files, such as press releases or news articles
    • File manager allows a simple user interface for organizing and maintaining files and images.
    • Image galleries support thumbnail viewing.
  • Simple account management
    • Easily create/edit system administrators and reset passwords.
    • Multiple levels of user access allow for separation of administrator duties.
  • Integrated with Google™ Analytics
    • The Internet’s most popular statistical resource comes standard with every Web site.
    • Automated statistical reports are sent directly to your e-mail address.
  • Search engine friendly
    • Easily input keywords and page descriptions on any page to improve your site’s rank with major search engines.

For an extensive list of product features, visit www.fiswebservices.com/features

Professional Web Site Design Services

Our team of professional Web developers and Web designers can create a custom Web site designed to meet your business goals. To see examples of past implementations, visit www.fiswebservices.com/portfolio.

Web-hosting Services

Security, privacy, availability, compliance and daily monitoring are all required to keep your Web site up to date and working properly. Someone in your organization must deal with these time-consuming and daily demands. As an alternative, let FIS host your Web site. We have the technical infrastructure and the professional experience to handle it all, allowing you to focus on the mission-critical duties of operating your financial institution.

Our Web-hosting services are backed by the power of our state-of-the-art data center – the same center that supports the needs of thousands of core processing clients. We have industry-leading expertise in delivering physical and logistical security and data protection.

At FIS, we can not only can do it all for you, but we can also provide the tools to build and upload your own Web pages, if you’d prefer that flexibility. We provide a staging library so you can do the work yourself as changes and additions become necessary. This ensures a methodical approach to your Web updates.

Hosting Service Plans

Every institution is unique, so we offer four plans, from basic service to a high-capacity custom service offering. These plans offer different configurations of disk storage, static Web pages and monthly page-view rates. All plans provide a Web site management console, access statistics, 24/7 monitoring and daily backups.

Secure Architecture

In order to protect your sensitive data, all of our Internet servers are concealed behind several firewalls, eliminating direct system access from the Internet. We also use 128-bit SSL encryption, a process that exchanges numbers between the end-user’s browser and the FIS Web-hosting server so secure communication can take place. We’ll obtain both your 128-bit SSL certificate and also provide domain name management services, freeing you of the responsibility for renewals.

Features of Our Web-hosting Service

  • Daily backups
  • Redundant connections through different Internet backbone providers
  • Onsite electrical generators that protect against power failures
  • 24/7 monitoring system
  • Large bandwidth connections to Internet backbone providers
  • Web site activity and trend analysis reporting
  • Mirrored data to protect against data loss
  • More than 99-percent availability

Contact Us
Don’t overlook the importance of your Web presence. Find out how FIS can help. Contact your FIS strategic account manager, call us at 800.822.6758 or visit www.fiswebservices.com.


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