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Fraud Management

As financial institutions offer new and compelling products to their customers with the goal of increased speed and access to monetary transactions, mitigating the risk associated with such products is imperative. FIS offers a complete fraud management service for customers using Payment Manager services. The FIS Fraud Management Service includes:

  • Transaction monitoring
  • Alerting
  • Case management

Optional investigation and recovery services are also available to provide comprehensive fraud management.

The core of the FIS Fraud Management Service is a real-time analytics engine that enables FIS to monitor bill payment activity in session while the consumer is interacting with the system. The system monitors various actions taken by the consumer, including login, session information, account maintenance, new payee set-ups and payee edits. The solution uses this information to create a score for each payment transaction based on these and other factors. Alerts are created for any transactions deemed suspicious.

For more information concerning the FIS Fraud Management Service, call 800.822.6758.

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