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Mobile Payments

FIS is your logical source
With FIS as your banking and payments solutions provider, mobilization is an exciting extension of your existing services.

The value it brings to your market is compelling: It adds a whole new dimension of choice for your on-the-go consumers, giving them a convenient way to access their accounts – securely, at any time and from virtually anywhere.

It also gives your organization a new way to stand out in a competitive market, attract new consumers and cement the loyalty of existing consumers – all while boosting efficiency and profitability.

Leveraging the power of mobility doesn’t have to be risky or expensive. FIS Mobile Financial Services are flexible, affordable and easy to deploy. Most important, they’re delivered and backed by a trusted source in the industry.

We deliver mobilization across the industry landscape
Mobile Payment Solutions are one of the key elements to FIS Mobile Financial Services.

For your card services, like debit, prepaid, healthcare and transit, you can continue to provide your cardholders all the expected services – while introducing a new channel that gives them greater freedom and saves money for your organization. For payments, mobilization enhances and solidifies your relationship with high-value online bill payers, those wanting the convenience of quick person-to-person payments with a variety of payment options and leading-edge proximity payments. And mobilization should be considered a standard offering for emerging high-growth markets like healthcare payments.

To learn more about FIS Mobile Payment Solutions, call 800.822.6758.

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