Risk Management Products

FIS™ RISC Solutions provides clients a 360-degree solution set of products and services that enable enterprise risk management, enhance overall compliance programs, and mitigate risk through a best-practices-based model that ensures regulatory compliance proficiencies now and in the future.














Early Risk Manager

Take your risk management to the next level. Now you can mitigate risk, maximize stakeholder value and attain optimal performance with Early Risk Manager (ERM) from FIS. ERM is an innovative state-of-the-art enterprise risk management solution specifically tailored for financial institutions including:

  • Banks
  • Credit unions
  • Consumer finance companies
  • Mortgage companies

Comprehensive, Easy-to-use Risk Management Tools

ERM requires no software download or installation. It comes pre-populated with a comprehensive library of:

  • Risk categories
  • Risk scenarios
  • Key risk indicators (KRIs)
  • Checklists for all regulations for safety and soundness and consumer compliance

With Early Risk Manager, you can:

  • Perform highly effective enterprise risk assessments
  • Assess potential risk in your strategic and business plans
  • Identify, measure and monitor all risks with key risk indicators (KRIs)
  • Set risk appetite tolerances and KRI thresholds for all risks and automatically trigger alerts
  • Develop automated enterprise risk and compliance monitoring plans
  • Perform ongoing risk and compliance monitoring reviews and control tests
  • Automatically trigger alerts based on the severity of findings and track for prompt corrective action

Regulatory University

Regulatory University contains a library of more than 250 courses covering safety and soundness and consumer protection laws and regulations, high and emerging risk issues, products and services, and other topics of relevance to multiple lines of business.

In addition, Regulatory University offers a robust learning management system (LMS) with cutting-edge, risk-based reporting, tracking and analytics that allow you to deploy and manage training enterprise-wide.

Over 1,500 financial institutions and creditors throughout the U.S. – plus banking agencies (the FDIC, FRB, CFPB and CSBS) – rely on FIS to manage risk more effectively and help them pass regulatory examinations with ease.


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Key benefits:

  • Enhanced Curriculum Management – Assign courses by regions, branches, groups and job function.
  • Custom Content Manager – Our easy-to-use Custom Lesson Manager allows you to customize existing courses by incorporating your policies and procedures or create a new course from scratch.
  • Survey Wizard – Save time and money by easily building and distributing custom surveys on any topic you choose, including items not related to compliance. Results are automatically tabulated using our robust reporting system.
  • AICC and SCORM Compliant – If you have your own LMS, don’t worry, our courses can be deployed via AICC or SCORM from your LMS.

Premium Membership

FIS RISC Solutions is the leading source for reliable, timely and relevant materials that keep the regulated financial services industry informed, updated and compliant. FIS has been a trusted advisor for more than 20 years and is the familiar face behind the “FIS Banker’s Guide to Compliance”, the industry’s leading regulatory compliance manual.

Premium Membership includes:

  • Unlimited access to our regulatory compliance experts via telephone and/or e-mail
  • Unlimited access to more than 50 webinars on current laws, regulations and emerging risk issues 
  • Unlimited access to the Premium Membership Web site

The Premium Membership Web site offers:

  • Electronic FIS Banker’s Guide to Compliance
  • Policy manual
  • Hot issue articles
  • Reference library and other reference tools such as:
    − Annual Timeline of Regulatory Changes
    − Mortgage Loan Disclosure Calculator
    − Regulation Z Section 32 HOEPA Loan Rates
    − Summary of Regulations
  • Much more

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Compliance Quick Reference Guides and Tools

Quick Reference Guides ‒ We Set the Financial Industry Standard

Major regulating authorities trust our quick reference guides and you should too. Our nationally-recognized quick reference guides in easy-to-understand language can help you navigate complicated laws and regulations.


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Advertising Tutorial

Evaluate your institution’s compliance using our step-by-step guide to applicable advertising rules. This includes:

  • Deposits
  • Loans
  • Non-deposit investment products

This Excel-based program covers everything. Let us know if you need a hand and our staff will be happy to walk you through it.
Price: $350.00 (plus applicable sales tax)

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Flood Insurance Administrative Resource Calculator

Understanding flood insurance rules can be difficult and good administrative resources are hard to find. The Flood Insurance Administrative Resource Calculator (ARC) is an automated tool that helps you identify when flood rules apply and then calculates the insurance rate required for each specific loan.

This Excel-based solution is simple enough to be used by everyone in your institution.
Price: $350.00 (plus applicable sales tax)

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Funds Availability Solutions Toolset

The Funds Availability Solutions Toolset (FAST) shows you how the rules apply to your customers’ deposits. This suite of quick and easy tools reflects the latest changes to the Availability of Funds and Collection of Checks regulation (Regulation CC) of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

It includes

  • A one-hour funds-availability-education program to update your personnel on the latest regulatory changes
  • Our “Funds Availability Quick Reference Guide”, an at-a-glance cheat sheet for convenience
  • Our “Funds Availability Training Manual”, an easy-to-use personnel training tool

Price: $400.00 (plus applicable sales tax)

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Mortgage Loan Disclosure Calculator

Monday ‒ Friday and Monday ‒ Saturday Versions

Keeping up with the timing requirements for mortgage loan disclosures can be difficult. Not anymore. Be prepared with our Mortgage Loan Disclosure Calculator. The calculator provides relevant timely information regarding requirements of the:

  • Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z)
  • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA)
  • Housing and Economic Recovery Act/Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act (MDIA).

Important Note - There are two versions of the calculator. The Monday ‒ Friday Mortgage Loan Disclosure Calculator is designed for financial institutions open for nearly all business activities five days a week: Monday ‒ Friday.

The Monday ‒ Saturday Mortgage Loan Disclosure Calculator is designed for institutions open for nearly all business activities six days a week: Monday ‒ Saturday.

When ordering, please select the correct version.
Price: $650.00 (plus applicable sales tax)

View a Sample

If your institution is open five day a week, be sure to select the Monday ‒ Friday option.

If your institution is open six days a week, be sure to select the Monday through Saturday option.

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FIS Banker’s Guide to Compliance

FIS Big Orange Book is now “FIS Banker’s Guide to Compliance”

The FIS Regulatory Advisory Services Compliance Manual commonly referred to as the “FIS Banker’s Guide to Compliance”, is the nation's most comprehensive, widely used compliance resource for financial institutions. This is truly your one-stop shop for compliance information.

It’s written in plain English so it’s easy to understand. The manual includes semiannual updates for one year. Subscription options:

  • Electronic access only – This includes access to the FIS Banker’s Guide to Compliance electronically through our dedicated page in the FIS Client Portal. Access is unlimited for your institution.
    Price: $850 (plus applicable taxes) per annual subscription
  • Electronic and hard copy access – This includes access to the FIS Banker’s Guide to Compliance through our dedicated page in the FIS Client Portal and a hard copy of FIS Banker’s Guide to Compliance. This also includes hard copy of any updates during the subscription year.
    Price: $995 (plus applicable taxes) per annual subscription

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“Funds Availability Training Manual”

Funds availability is always a challenge for the frontline staff at most financial institutions. Updates to Availability of Funds and Collection of Checks regulation (Regulation CC) affect your policies, disclosure and practices. A well-trained staff is critical to your success and our “Funds Availability Training Manual” can help.

Price: $360 (plus applicable taxes)

Please Note: This “Funds Availability Training Manual” is included in the Funds Availability Solutions Toolset (FAST). You don’t have to order this separately if you’ve already placed your order.

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Sample Policy Manual

Need sample policies but don’t have the resources to create them yourself? Our sample policy manual contains all the policies necessary to meet your needs.

Premium members have unlimited access to these policies and you can, too. Sign up for premium membership and get this manual free or buy it separately and take what you need.

Price: $350 (plus applicable taxes)

View Table of Contents

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Compliance Analyzer

ComplianceAnalyzer® is the mortgage industry’s standard for automated compliance and is built on the patented CriticalDecision℠ platform. With advanced technology, straightforward reporting and support from the industry’s compliance experts, lending institutions can easily identify and address loan-level regulatory compliance issues. Accordingly, ComplianceAnalyzer provides cost-effective audits to hundreds of institutions, including four of the top five mortgage lenders in the nation as well as regulators.



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You can:

  • Reduce unnecessary risk exposure
  • Improve asset quality and stability
  • Achieve significant cost savings
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy
  • Take a proactive approach to compliance protection
  • Improve overall risk management and profitability

Key features:

  • Real-time audit results in seconds
  • Loan-level summary reports supported by detailed analyses
  • Industry baseline RiskIndicator®
  • Exception handling and reporting
  • Exportable management reports
  • Comprehensive compliance certificate
  • One-click delivery of loan portfolios to regulators


BankTrends, brought to you by FIS™, is an interactive dashboard reporting solution that provides actionable intelligence for bank performance management.

Now financial institutions can compete more effectively by analyzing key intelligence on profitability, earnings generation, credit quality and efficiency. This innovative solution gives bankers an easy-to-use analytical tool to identify opportunities and make quantitatively supported strategic and tactical decisions.

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Key benefits:

  • Trend your institution’s key financial measures – profitability, credit quality, liquidity and more – and compare them against countless custom peer groups
  • Manipulate hundreds of variables to achieve desired performance results, allowing you to make timely strategic and tactical decisions that directly impact the bottom line
  • Easy-to-navigate report templates enable the C-suite to analyze performance data without constantly going through the Finance department
  • Compare your bank’s performance against top-performing banks in your market
  • Quickly prepare an “at a glance” report for any bank, including year-over-year performance

TimeSaver Premier

The ultimate tool helping financial institutions streamline the Call Report process, TimeSaver Premier from FIS integrates your core processor reports with FIS’ CallReporter Premier Call Report software. A perfect complement for CallReporter Premier, TimeSaver Premier is a unique module that simplifies and expedites the completion of the Call Report, while providing accurate and consistent results.



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Key benefits:

  • FIS does the setup for you, which results in minimal work on your end.
  • The tool gives you more control over your Call Report process.
  • You can use reports from any core processor.
  • You can save time and minimize the risk of errors.
  • The setup is tailored to meet your specific Call Report needs.
  • Much more

Call Reporter Premier

The majority of financial institutions nationwide are currently using FIS’ CallReporter Premier software to prepare and submit their FFIEC quarterly Call Report. The design of CallReporter Premier is full-featured yet simple, making it an easy system to navigate. CallReporter Premier is backed by personalized customer service, our longstanding association with government regulatory agencies and expertise with bank core processing systems.



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You can:

  • View complete FFIEC online instructions and edit checks with a mouse click.
  • Compare your bank’s performance for up to five quarters utilizing more than 60 key operation ratios.
  • Use automatic import and totaling cells to reduce the chance of errors.
  • Create internal notes unique to a Call Report line and carry forward from quarter to quarter.
  • Automatically prepare the Annual Disclosure Statement each year in an approved format for publishing or distributing to customers.
  • Export and transfer data easily and quickly to other software systems.

Identity & Behavioral Risk Management

FIS provides clients with the expert guidance and leading solutions they need to manage their evolving transactional risk management demands. We offer layers of fraud, risk, and compliance assessment products including:

  • Account Ownership – Provides instant, third-party verification of an account’s existence, ownership rights to the account from the individual presenting the account and the business risk associated with this account
  • Address analysis – Identifies and scores inconsistent addresses. (Supports FACT Act compliance)
  • BizChex® – Performs real-time verification of the Business identity entity in addition to assessing risk and fraud to evaluate whether or not to open the business/commercial account.
  • ChexAdvisor™ – empowers lenders to raise the bar when assessing the overall risk of a consumer’s financial behavior by delivering alternative data and a risk score to advance the evolution of consumer lending credit underwriting - alternative data for smart growth.
  • ID Verification – identifies inconsistencies in new account processing and warns of OFAC listing in real time. (Supports CIP compliance)
  • ID Authentication – generates an interactive, multiple-choice, knowledge-based questionnare to quickly authenticate identity. (Supports FFIEC compliance)
  • QualiFile® – provides real-time automated and consistent decisions at the new (deposit) account desk based on fraud and behavioral risk parameters to target the right products for the right customers - applicants who otherwise may have been turned away or prospects for additional products that may have been overlooked.
  • Red Flag Checklist – Gathers and reports on output produced by the Decision Solutions services that could be a “red flag”. (Supports FACT Act compliance)


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AML Compliance Management

FIS is the first to provide end-to-end AML Compliance Management solutions integrating training, monitoring, reporting and advice. Our products include:

  • AML Compliance – Automates the anti-money laundering requirements, helping financial institutions to mitigate risk and comply with the Bank Secrecy Act and USA PATRIOT Act. Consulting services are also available to conduct risk assessments, governance planning, gap analysis, independent annual reviews and forensic investigations.
  • OFAC Watch – Cross-references your customer database against the OFAC list, as well as other government watch lists, using advanced search, matching and scoring methodologies that utilize unique algorithms to reduce false positives.
  • Compliance Databank – A unique service, Compliance Databank combines global sanctions data to assist financial intuitions with conducting required due diligence in dealing with global sanctions requirements, senior political officials, terrorists and fraud.

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Compliance Risk Indicator

Compliance Risk Indicator is an innovative, Web-based, compliance and BSA/AML risk assessment solution. Compliance Risk Indicator identifies the inherent risks associated with each rule, product and line of business, and then calculates the residual risks precisely while identifying the root causes of the residual risks so you can take timely and effective risk mitigation action. Compliance Risk Indicator also provides you with a tool to forecast the effect of certain events or changes on the residual risk level.

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You can:

  • Perform compliance risk assessments in a more precise and timely manner
  • Calculate residual risks by rules, products and lines of business
  • Review, download and print robust reports and risk dashboards
  • Know where your risk is, how much there is and the root cause, so you can take swift action to mitigate the risks
  • Easily customize your risk assessment
  • Cover BSA/AML, safety and soundness, fair lending, and consumer protection rules
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