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Point of Sale (POS) Payments

A complete line of point-of-sale (POS) solutions that enable agency employees to perform real-time, face-to-face payment transactions

FIS offers and supports a flexible range of POS payment solutions that will enable your employees to perform an immediate, real-time payment authorization at the point of sale. We can install standard dial-up terminal POS devices that simply connect into a standard electrical outlet and a telephone jack, or we can install a stand-alone terminal that connects directly to an Ethernet port for operation over an IP connection.

Your business can also choose to use your existing computer systems as POS terminals, communicating through the Internet to process POS credit and debit card transactions. In this case, the computer system would run a virtual terminal through your Web browser and connect to a terminal through your USB port, allowing for a card swipe or PIN-encrypted transactions.

Virtual Terminal
FIS’ exclusive Web-based virtual terminal enables our clients to accept a wide range of payment types for a wide range of payment channels, such as taxes, fees, fines and other payments from a single, Web-based tool. The virtual terminal possesses shopping cart functionality where multiple payments can be made through a single transaction.

Your employees can either manually enter credit card information, or it can be integrated with hardware to capture information from the magnetic stripe on credit and debit cards. Functionality can be further expanded to accept and process PIN debit transactions by integrating a hardware component. This solution is perfect for transactions occurring at the point of sale, processing mailed-in credit card payments or for call centers accepting payments via a live operator.

FIS’ MultiPay application runs on VeriFone’s Omni 3740 and 3750 as well as the Vx510, Vx570 and Vx610 sale terminals, and supports the following features:

  • Supports multiple settlement accounts
  • Enables “Payment Items” tracking
  • Employs shopping cart functionality
  • Enables customer reference number tracking
  • Supports multiple connection options
  • Enables real-time reporting capabilities
  • User authentication with access privileges
  • Supports credit, debit and check conversion
  • Supports duplicate payment functionality
  • Utilizes SSL encryption

The MultiPay application enables merchants to streamline their payment processing while leveraging the benefits of IP payment connectivity.

A Solution that Meets Your Needs
Regardless of your point-of-sale payment needs, FIS has a solution for you:

  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) and PIN debit card transaction processing
  • Hardware or browser-based solutions available
  • Ethernet, dial, cell or WiFi connectivity options
  • PCI compliant and certified
  • Convenience fee capable
  • Real-time reporting

With a wide variety of POS terminal and connectivity options, your customers can make convenient face-to-face payments with confidence.

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