FIS™ has completed the sale of its Healthcare Solutions business to Alegeus Technologies (www.alegeustechnologies.com), an affiliate of Lightyear Capital LLC. While Alegeus Technologies builds its new Web site, you can continue to find healthcare solution information on this area of fisglobal.com. For more information about the transaction, please read the FIS news release and the Lightyear Capital news release.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve and the Consumer Driven Healthcare model becomes more prevalent, the healthcare ID/eligibility card is becoming more and more important as one of the first points of contact with your customer – a vehicle for maintaining your brand’s relationship with the customer. Additionally, healthcare ID/eligibility cards are also becoming increasingly important as a vehicle for initiating a transaction, as the world migrates toward real-time adjudication and the ability to initiate a claim through the swiping of the ID card.

At FIS, we are ID card experts. For more than 20 years, FIS has been providing innovative ID/eligibility card solutions and uncompromising service for many of the nation’s leading healthcare companies, including seven of the top 10-rated HMOs for member satisfaction. With our HealthID solution, FIS helps our customers manage ID and eligibility card issuance via a web-based system – offering you the flexibility and convenience needed to effectively manage the production and distribution of your ID cards and member communications, even during the peak period of open-enrollment.

FIS’ staff works consultatively with our clients to set up each card program, determining the card type and design that is appropriate for their unique situation. Through our “self service” web portal, customers can view actual ID cards and communications throughout the production process – and are able to review, approve, or hold production of specific groups or cards as needed, or make changes to delivery method/destination.

Whether PVC or Teslin, 20mil or 30mil, with or without a magnetic strip, whether a stand alone “slab” card product or cards attached to carriers/booklets, whether full color edge-to-edge printing or black and white, whether ID cards or combination eligibility/payment cards – FIS can produce cost effective ID cards and member communications to meet your specifications, and has the scalable capacity and operations to meet your volume requirements, now and in the future

As an extension of your team, FIS allows our healthcare customers to focus on their core business – while we manage the challenges of ID/eligibility card issuance on their behalf.

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