FIS™ has completed the sale of its Healthcare Solutions business to Alegeus Technologies (www.alegeustechnologies.com), an affiliate of Lightyear Capital LLC. While Alegeus Technologies builds its new Web site, you can continue to find healthcare solution information on this area of fisglobal.com. For more information about the transaction, please read the FIS news release and the Lightyear Capital news release.

Although many healthcare providers today are able to submit claims electronically to payers, the vast majority of payer-to-provider payments are still made via paper check. One significant barrier to transitioning these payments to more convenient electronic payments is the availability of provider DDA information. While the technology to facilitate electronic payments is prevalent, with no universal “settlement network” available, payers are left to collect DDA details and e-payment authorization from the thousands of providers they transact with – a daunting task.

FIS ProviderNet is a portal that allows providers to register their office locations and depository accounts, and authorize specific payers to initiate electronic claim payments via ACH. Once registered, payers and providers can immediately begin experiencing the convenience and efficiency of electronic processes – sending/receiving both payment and remittance advice (ERA) transmissions electronically.

Here's how: ProviderNet gives healthcare providers an easy-to-use portal to manage claims payment and receivables tied to specific payers. For approved claims, payers transmit payment and remittance details (in 835 format or another payer-defined format) through the portal. Rather than receiving paper checks and remittance documents (which can require substantial effort to post/reconcile), registered providers will receive payments and remittance documents electronically. ACH payments are generated via NACHA and ERAs are posted. Status notifications are sent to both the provider and the payer throughout the process. Registered providers are then able to log in and view, search, and download their electronic remittance information (in human readable formats). It's that easy!

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