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FIS Distributed Capture Solutions

FIS’ Distributed Capture solutions provide everything your financial institution needs to quickly become a leader in distributed image capture, through a delivery channel to meet the needs of your institution.

FIS provides distributed image capture of items and deposits at its source – commercial, consumer, mobile phones, branch locations and the teller station – to remove paper from the process, lower the cost of payment processing, accelerate check clearing and maximize cash flow.

FIS’ Suite of Distributed Capture Solutions includes:

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Merchant Capture
With FIS’ merchant capture solutions, your commercial and merchant customers can electronically deposit and clear checks they accept during the normal course of business, eliminating the need to deliver checks to branches and reducing the time to clear deposited items. Because work is captured and transmitted throughout the day, you also have the option of extending your same-day processing window. Our solutions complement your existing cash management product portfolio with personalized branding and linkage to your Web site.

Merchant capture from FIS can integrate multiple merchant locations and leverage different capture devices to remove paper from the process, lowering the cost of payment processing with accelerated check clearing and maximized cash flow.

Consumer Capture
Our consumer capture solution allows consumers to scan checks for electronic deposit using industry-standard PCs, flatbed scanners, and a high-speed Internet connection. Leveraging the same technology currently deployed with our merchant capture solution, financial institutions can offer remote deposit to consumer customers, providing secure, convenient access to their accounts, while at the same time, further differentiating your offerings from the competition and improving deposit gathering capabilities through this emerging, strategic delivery channel.

Mobile Capture
As an addition to our consumer capture platform, your customers now have two fast, convenient ways to deposit checks – and you can more easily differentiate from your competition. As more institutions target core deposit gathering and differentiated offerings, our mobile capture solution supports both initiatives via these new self-service delivery channels.

Branch Capture
Our Branch Capture solutions eliminate branch microfilming and enhance image-based workflow with “early-entry” of check images into the payment processing system. Captured images are presented into the daily processing environment earlier, delivering savings opportunities to your institution.

The solution helps your institution to realize:

  • Improved item processing deadlines
  • Reduced courier runs
  • Lengthened end-of-day branch cut-off times
  • Reduced peak-time staffing requirements
  • Reduced back office sorter maintenance
  • Reduced need for consolidated, higher speed image transports

Our branch capture solutions streamline the workflow for check image capture, transaction balancing and clearing.

These proven solutions increase productivity, optimize accuracy and dramatically lower your operating costs.

Teller Capture
Our teller capture solution provides your institution with the capability to image-capture checks at the teller station – extending back room capture and balancing into the branch. With the FIS solution, your teller staff combines traditional online teller transaction processing with check image capture and transaction balancing.

Teller capture can be deployed as a stand-alone solution, or as a strategic component of an enterprise-wide distributed capture infrastructure. When paired with our branch capture solution, it provides optimum teller efficiency by serving low-volume retail customers at the teller line, as well as high-volume merchants and corporate clients at the back counter.

ATM Deposit Automation
Our ATM deposit automation solution provides image capture of check deposit transactions at ATMs. The FIS solution can work with any image-based ATM and enables your customers to deposit a check directly into an ATM without an envelope. As a powerful workflow tool, our ATM deposit automation solution allows your ATMs to become important delivery channels and strategic capture points in a distributed image-based POD capture operation.

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