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Endpoint Exchange

Improve the value of your payments franchise with Endpoint Exchange
Check image exchange through Endpoint Exchange® is your end-to-end processing solution. Enjoy a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Same-day or next-day funds availability
  • Accelerated cash flow
  • Improved settlement of float cycles
  • Reduced fraud losses with earlier notification
  • Faster identification of potential check fraud

Endpoint Exchange is the backbone of the system that moves check images among financial institutions, service bureaus, clearinghouses, and the Federal Reserve, providing national, multi-lateral net settlement for truncated, image-based checks.

Endpoint Exchange network members include a diverse group of the country's leading financial institutions, check image software developers, and image-item processing outsourcers.

Learn more about your total check image exchange network
See how you can benefit with check image exchange through Endpoint Exchange. For more information, call FIS at 1-800-822-6758 or visit EndpointExchange.com.

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