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Return Mail Processing

FIS offers secure and efficient handling of undelivered or returned mail
Nearly five percent of all mail pieces handled by the US Postal Service are “Undeliverable As Addressed” (UAA). FIS™ can help manage returned mail by receiving it into our secure operations facility.

FIS owns and manages our own unique zip code, speeding delivery time on all returned mail. Our systems capture important contact information to keep your customer databases accurate and up-to-date. FIS Secure Return Mail Processing can also capture return information to eliminate costly, future mailings and can even re-mail communications to an updated address to help streamline your organization’s customer communication processes.

Returned Mail Processing
The address of our operations facility is printed in the return address field on any outbound mail – PIN mailers, credit or debit card fulfillments, direct mailers, statements, etc. If the item cannot be delivered as addressed, the US Postal Service will return it to the FIS operations facility from which it was originally sent. Based on your needs, the returned mail is processed using one of several available options.

For more information, contact moreinformation@fisglobal.com.

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