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Dealer Finance

The needs of the wholesale automotive finance industry are diverse and increasingly complex. Finding a system that can handle the industry’s wide-ranging requirements, either commercially available or built in-house, used to be a daunting task.

Dealer Finance is FIS’ industry-specific wholesale finance solution that supports a full range of wholesale products, including:

  • Dealer floor plan inventory and credit lines
  • Commercial and construction loans
  • Dealer cash management accounts
  • In-transit inventory management

Dealer Finance’s flexible features and real-time information enable increased customer service, improved backroom productivity and increased efficiency.

Connected to the Dealer’s Experience

Dealer Finance gives dealers direct access through the Internet, providing real-time information using processes designed specifically for dealer use. Features include:

  • Delivery of consolidated monthly wholesale statements, providing options for online viewing, downloading or printing
  • Summary billing and payment of vehicle financing at the dealer level
  • Dealer summary information, providing a single, online view of the entire wholesale and loan portfolio
  • Daily online statements, providing up-to-date inventory information
  • Online payments and payoffs of single units or en mass, including application of cash management funds
  • Online mass-transfer processing to accommodate both dealer trades and vehicle reclassification
  • Real-time status of processed transactions, including reporting of dealer EFT activity for settlement
  • Mega-dealer support, allowing summary of multiple dealer locations

Operations Improvements

Dealer Finance increases the productivity of back-office and customer-service operations while enforcing appropriate controls. Efficient lending operations include:

  • Online dealer access that streamlines inventory processing and reduces central-office overheads
  • Automated VIN validation at the time of new inventory flooring, ensuring integrity of the receivables
  • Multilevel approval processing that enables “four eyes” authorization
  • Easy multitasking for analysts, with unlimited concurrent and independent application sessions
  • Business process-oriented Web pages, with functions grouped and accessible from any screen
  • Real-time access enabling customer service representatives to answer dealer questions in a comprehensive and accurate manner

Providing the critical link between technology and business optimization, FIS accelerates your success.

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