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Mobile Financial Services

As mobile financial services grow in popularity, it’s essential that your institution have a solution to remain competitive. NYCE has a mobile solution that fits your needs. With NYCE’s Mobile Financial Services, your consumers can access their accounts and manage transactions from anywhere with their mobile phones and tablets. Our services can help you attract new consumers, create a new income stream with transaction and payment services, and save money while migrating from higher-cost service channels.

Text Message Banking

NYCE offers text message banking as a standard feature of ATM and POS participation. Text message banking allows customers to receive balance inquiries and mini-statements through text messaging. These basic text message transactions will be an extension of the balance inquiry functionality commonly available at NYCE Network ATMs. This is an easy-to-implement mobile banking service that all customers with mobile phones can use. No browser functionality is required.

Mobile Wallet Support

NYCE can connect to your mobile services processor at your election for cash withdrawal, POS purchase and additional transaction support. NYCE is already integrated with the FIS Mobile Wallet and ready to support your mobile marketing strategy.

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