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Network POS Solutions

The NYCE Network POS offering includes virtually universal access to every PIN POS merchant location across the United States. We deliver superior value to issuers with industry-leading approval rates and consistent processing reliability. Through NYCE’s global outreach, cardholders from Canada and Puerto Rico can also use their debit cards at NYCE Network U.S. retailers. NYCE merchants appreciate the ability to accept non-domestic cards as PIN debit versus credit card transactions. NYCE has expanded its POS solution by offering merchants a PINless service for purchase transactions of $50 and under.

Services include:

Market-leading Value – NYCE has a long history of consistent and competitive POS value delivery.

Superior Network POS Approval Rates – Through proactive outreach and stand-in processing requirements, we work hard to ensure your consumers’ transactions work the first time.

Purchase with Cash Back – Surcharge-free access to cash provides total convenience for consumers.

PINless Purchases – Offered for purchase transactions of $50 and under.



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