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Risk Management Solutions

Monitoring fraud to meet your risk management requirements has never been more flexible. NYCE offers Risk Management Solutions, a suite of risk and fraud prevention products and services, available either packaged or individually, allowing you to personally customize your solution. Core services are based on established technology created in conjunction with FICO®, a leader in the fraud prevention industry that currently protects millions of payment cards worldwide while meeting competitive industry demands.

Services include:

Risk Monitoring Service (RMS) – A real-time, terminal-centric solution recognized as an industry-leading fraud detection and prevention tool. RMS assigns Falcon™ fraud scores to each transaction and employs a sophisticated rules engine to potentially deny fraudulent transactions as they occur.

The Card Alert Service – A sophisticated transaction monitoring service that reports suspected counterfeit cards to institutions prior to losses occurring.

CVx Verification Service – NYCE performs either CVV1 (Card Verification Value) or CVC1 (Card Validation Code) verification, allowing you to administer an industry best practice for controlling phishing-related losses.

Authorization Blocking Service – Block transactions where fraud occurs occurs to minimize losses tied to defined events.

24/7 Case Management – Provides an established group of fraud analysts to monitor alerts and work with cases on your behalf.

Risk Management Forums – Complimentary webinar forums offering information about recent fraud events, trends, new risk management tools, emerging technologies and techniques for fine-tuning fraud prevention and developing product and deployment plans.


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