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When was the last time you used cash at a restaurant or for car repairs, a vacation or for a prescription? Still thinking?

More and more, consumers expect service providers to accept bankcards. FIS Merchant Services offers a range of full-service bankcard processing choices and a “we-take-care of-everything” program that can help you:

  • Improve cash flow, with direct payments to your checking account within 24 to 72 hours
  • Reduce billing and collections costs, with payment made by credit or debit card at the time of service
  • Reduce receivables, by collecting 100 percent of transaction value at the time of service
  • Increase customer satisfaction by offering payment options

FIS Merchant Services provides you with:

  • Bankcard processing
  • In-depth transaction training
  • ACH funds transfer
  • Fraud monitoring
  • Equipment purchasing/rental program
  • Chargeback processing
  • Dedicated local customer service representatives
  • Competitive pricing

Proven, reliable technology
FIS Merchant Services delivers advanced technology and equipment – including purchasing and rental options – so you can automatically accept Discover network®, Visa® and MasterCard®. Our terminals also can authorize other major cards, including American Express®‚ and JCB® cards‚ and most debit networks.

Dedicated customer service and support
A FIS Merchant Services representative works directly with you and your bank to ensure smooth and efficient account operation. We offer programming of existing terminals and in-depth training, so you’ll learn how to conduct transactions most efficiently. And, when you have a question or need information, our trained professionals will provide their expertise, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We really do take care of everything
From the initial assessment of your organization’s needs to ongoing customer support – and everything in between – FIS Merchant Services makes accepting bankcards easy, safe and profitable.

Contact Us
For more information about FIS Merchant Services, please dial 800.552.5828, choose option 5 and then press #. Or e-mail us at bcs_merchantrelationship@fisglobal.com.

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