Account and Transactional Fraud

FIS’ suite of Transactional Fraud products helps prevent fraud across multiple channels, including checks, deposits and kites, as well as illegal activities perpetrated by your own employees. Rely on FIS technology to turn fraud risk into fraud prevention.

FIS Behavior Monitoring
Leverage the power of DebitBureau® to monitor your entire portfolio. Using specific data contained in DebitBureau that has proven highly predictive of both deposit and credit account behavior, you can supplement traditional account management solutions with even more robust data for better decisions.

Managing transaction risk is just as important as managing account risk. DepositShield®, part of the Account & Transaction Management suite of Risk, Fraud and Compliance, helps financial institutions to prevent fraud related to check deposits and payroll check cashing.

FIS Consumer Education
With options including Get Checking™ and programs designed for use by our customers, Consumer Education

Risk Case Management
Enterprise Risk Case Manager takes an integrated approach to fraud, connecting all of this information and providing a single view of related fraudulent activity that allows an investigator to quickly recognize exposure and act to minimize the threat of loss.

Address Verification
Address Analysis put analytics to work in combating identity fraud and account takeover. This innovative solution combines data and analytics into a powerful solution that can be used at multiple points within the financial institution to efficiently and accurately identify change of address transactions that may be indicative of fraud.

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