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We provide our clients with the expert guidance and leading solutions they need to manage their evolving risk management demands.

ChexAdvisor delivers on FIS' commitment to empower underwriters with new and enriched intelligence to strengthen risk mitigation as well as bridge the gap to those financially underserved consumers within the U.S.

DebitBureau® contains information on consumers’ handling of deposit accounts.

Combining applications for account, account openings, account closures, retail point-of sale payments, and many other behaviors, information from financial institutions, retailers and other providers is combined to form complete views of consumer behavior.

ID Verification and ID Authentication help financial institutions comply with the USA PATRIOT Act and “Know Your Customer” regulations. Together, the robust solutions help clients to quickly verify the identity of applicants by using both data matching and out-of-wallet questions.

Risk Case Manager consolidates fraud alerts and account-holder information from across the institution to present a consolidated view of your fraud and risk concerns. Available in Classic and Enterprise editions, Risk Case Manager provides a single point of oversight by ingesting any type of alert from third-party systems, as well as manually entered incidents.

QualiFile® provides real-time, account opening decisions using FIS DebitBureau data and other external data sources for demand deposit accounts. Available in Advantage and Premier editions, QualiFile helps ensure that a bank or credit union is less likely to turn away potentially profitable customers and more likely to turn away risky applicants.

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