ID Authentication

Identity fraud continues to increase, so institutions need a way to protect them from this growing problem. FIS Risk, Fraud and Compliance can help prevent the fraudulent use of multiple fake IDs and financial loss to your institution with ID Authentication.

With ID Authentication, you can take “knowing your customer” to the next level. You can easily validate, verify and authenticate an applicant’s identity at new account opening desk with ID Authentication.

As part of our multi-layered approach to verification, ID Authentication can quickly authenticate identity prior to opening an account or issuing authorization. Using multiple noncredit data sources (not just wallet-based or financial history information), ID Authentication generates a real-time, multiple-choice questionnaire using personal background information that only the applicant would know.

ID Authentication helps your financial institution:

  • Make smarter decisions
  • Open more profitable accounts
  • Process customers and prospects faster
  • Comply with regulatory mandates
  • Reduce overall fraud losses

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