ID Verification

ID Verification helps you to know your customers and enables your institution to open more accounts, saving time and money. Our Web-based solution provides the trusted business intelligence you need to make educated decisions, simply and at a cost every institution can afford.

Through ID Verification, your institution can verify the identity of individuals and businesses by cross-referencing more than 23 billion records from multiple and independent data sources. Within seconds, ID Verification assesses whether the presented identity information is accurate and empowers your institution with the knowledge required to make proactive decisions that can positively impact your bottom line.

Provides Compliance and Reduces Risk of Identity Theft
ID Verification helps you protect against identity fraud and comply with the PATRIOT Act Section 326, 314 (a) and OFAC regulations. It can help you to avoid regulatory fines and ensure that your organization’s policies are adhered to throughout the institution.

Increases Operational Efficiency and Reduces Costs
Achieve results immediately through the creation of one location for all new-account opening procedures. ID Verification integrates with other new-account opening tools and offers extensive reporting for analysis, while requiring only an Internet browser and connection.

Improves Customer Service
ID Verification will help you improve customer service by assessing new accounts in seconds, offering employees directions to resolve issues and allowing for unlimited users.

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