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QualiFile®, provided by ChexSystems, Inc., empowers your institution with automated decision making, combining best-in-class analytics and a flexible business-rules engine into a solution that helps you open more of the right accounts, maximize cross-sell opportunities and establish profitable customer relationships.

Using debit data from DebitBureau®, or a combination of credit and debit data, you can customize your QualiFile account-opening strategy to reflect your institution’s risk tolerance and automate the decision process, removing subjectivity and helping standardize decisions across your retail network.

QualiFile uses predictive models to integrate an unparalleled collection of data into a simple decision. In addition, QualiFile can integrate demographic, identity and fraud data to give you a complete view of potential fraud, account risk and cross-sell opportunities.

QualiFile supports the new-accounts representative by instantly presenting on-screen account-opening messages as well as the next steps to take in accordance with the account-opening strategy designed by your management team.

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