GT.M™ Database Engine with Extreme Scalability and Robustness

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GT.M is a database engine with scalability proven in the largest real-time core processing systems in production at financial institutions worldwide, as well as in large, well known healthcare institutions, but with a small footprint that scales down to use in small clinics, virtual machines and software appliances.

The GT.M data model is a hierarchical associative memory (i.e., multi-dimensional array) that imposes no restrictions on the data types of the indexes and the content - the application logic can impose any schema, dictionary or data organization suited to its problem domain.* GT.M's compiler for the standard M (also known as MUMPS) scripting language implements full support for ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable) transactions, using optimistic concurrency control and software transactional memory (STM) that resolves the common mismatch between databases and programming languages. Its unique ability to create and deploy logical multi-site configurations of applications provides unrivaled continuity of business in the face of not just unplanned events, but also planned events, including planned events that include changes to application logic and schema.

Worldwide, GT.M is used in multiple industries, including finance, health care, transportation, manufacturing and others. GT.M supplies the processing power to the FIS Profile™ enterprise banking application.

* Many popular database products impose relational or object-oriented schema within the engine itself. Database engines that do not impose schemas, but which allow layered application software to impose and use whatever schema that is appropriate to the application are popularly referred to as "key-value", "document oriented", "schema-less", "schema-free" or “NoSQL” databases.

For more information about GT.M please contact K.S. Bhaskar at or call +1 (610) 578-4265.


Sample Users
FIS - GT.M Hakeem logo Electronic Health Solutions (EHS) is a non-profit, innovative, technology–driven company transforming health care in Jordan through the provision of automation solutions to enhance quality and efficiency. Established in 2009, EHS deploys effective and proven technologies that leverage the best clinical practices to serve public health in Jordan. "Hakeem", EHS' flagship program (based on WorldVistA EHR on GT.M) is the first national e-Health initiative in Jordan. It improves healthcare services, by providing real time and up to date electronic medical information throughout the public health system. Hakeem implements a proven digital platform that stores, retrieves and updates electronic health records (EHR) of patients cared for by all participating healthcare facilities in Jordan. Hakeem enables Jordanian physicians, pharmacists, medical technologists, and other health clinicians to electronically access the medical records of patients within the participating health facilities throughout Jordan, using the patient’s national number. Visit

FIS - GT.M FBR The goal of the Foundation for Blood Research is to find more effective ways to identify, manage, and prevent human disease through clinical and laboratory investigation, epidemiology, outreach science education, computer-based analysis, public health program design, and clinical testing. FBR's laboratory system, which is critical to its success, is built on GT.M.


FIS - GT.M Kasikornbank With over one thousand branches in Thailand as well as internationally, ten thousand ATMs, and over twenty thousand employees serving tens of millions of customers, Kasikornbank (KBank) is one of the largest banking groups in Thailand. Its customer-centric world-class products and services, and its community involvement have repeatedly won Asian banking awards. For its real-time core processing capability, KBank relies on FIS Profile running on GT.M.


Lutheran Medical Center logo As the leading provider of health care in southwest Brooklyn, Lutheran HealthCare's number one goal and primary concern is the health and well-being of its patients. Medsphere OpenVista on GT.M on Linux helps them strive to ensure that each and every visit made to one of their facilities meets the highest standards in medical care, customer service and convenience. Lutheran believes that its patients not only deserve this level of care, they should expect it.

Max Healthcare Logo As the first hospital in India and only the sixth in Asia to receive HIMSS Analytics Stage 6 certification from Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Max Healthcare delivers International Class healthcare with a total service focus, by creating an institution committed to the highest standards of medical & service excellence, patient care, scientific knowledge and medical education. For its electronic medical records, Max Healthcare relies on WorldVistA EHR on GT.M on Linux.

FIS - GT.M Antwerp Library Fundamental to its position as one of the leading university libraries in Flanders, Belgium, the University of Antwerp Library develops and maintains the Brocade Library System. The university services a library community through its library network called Anet comprising several academic and research libraries. The Brocade Library System is powered by GT.M and the Anet library catalog can be searched over the Internet by anyone, anywhere in the world. The University also makes its software available to many educational and public libraries in Flanders, the Netherlands and South Africa.


FIS - GT.M FIS Profile is FIS’ premier real-time, ultrascalable core banking system. It is a fully integrated solution that includes customer, banking product, account and transactional requirements. Loan and deposit products are supported by an extensive inventory of configurable features that are shared across all banking lines of business. With unmatched production scalability and ultrahigh availability, Profile deployed on GT.M supports tens of millions of accounts at hundreds of institutions around the world, ranging from de novo startups to top-tier global banks, making it the premier choice for organizations committed to a 24 x 365, always-on solution.


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