PIP™ Database Application Development Platform

PIP is a mature and proven database application development and deployment platform now released under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3. A deployment of PIP on FIS GT.M™ on Linux on x86 hardware provides a complete open source stack with superb transaction processing throughput and unique functionality for extreme levels of business continuity.

PIP includes a complete database management system: a SQL engine; a compiler for PSL (Profile Scripting Language), a lightweight, object-oriented scripting language; a JDBC driver; MTM, a lightweight communications monitor; and two modern graphical IDEs, one based on Eclipse and the other browser-based and driven by Tomcat on the server. Applications developed with PIP can be deployed on GT.M or on Oracle. PIP is designed so that applications created with PIP can in principle be deployed on any implementation of M or any implementation of SQL. At this time, GT.M and Oracle are the only deployment platforms on which PIP is tested and supported.

PIP is intended to be used to:

  • Develop transaction processing database applications that require:
    • Robust support for ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable) transactions,
    • Performance & scalability to meet the throughput needs of the largest enterprise scale applications on a complete open source software stack, and
    • 24x365 continuity of business, in the face of not only unplanned events such as system outages but also in face of planned events such as system and application upgrades, even upgrades requiring a change to database schema.
  • Incrementally migrate applications written in M to relational schemas (where the underlying data relationships are relational) and object oriented business logic. An incremental migration can include:
    • Mapping data elements and computed values to relational tables for reporting and decision support access via SQL/JDBC, and
    • Incrementally migrating business logic from M to a combination of PSL, SQL and C through a process of evolution, while
    • Retaining the ability to deploy applications with identical application business logic with the operational behavior of either an underlying M engine such as GT.M with its scalability, price/performance and open source licensing, or on a brand-name relational engine.

PIP provides a competitive relational / object oriented application development and deployment capability. What makes PIP exceptional is its level of control on the production deployment that allows it to provide the extreme levels of continuity of business, transaction throughput and cost-effectiveness. PIP also has an excellent browser based capability for ad hoc reporting, e.g., for use by business analysts for exploratory data analysis.

PIP is the infrastructure for the powerful FIS Profile® real-time core processing system for banks. PIP is mature because it has been in production for many years, but until now it has only been available as part of Profile – the code bases were intertwined. Now, for the first time, the PIP code base has been separated from the Profile code base and is separately released GPL software. The Profile code base remains proprietary.

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