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TrustDesk® Portals
Different people in your organization require access to different information. Not only that, they want their information customized and personalized to meet the unique needs of their job. This is why FIS is developing user-centric, role-based Web portals for the TrustDesk® workstation - to provide your employees with single-click access to the information they want, presented in a way that's most useful to them. The TrustDesk portals provide a single gateway for answers and information while improving speed and efficiency for your relationship managers and executives alike.

Using the current TrustDesk database, FIS is developing TrustDesk portals for the administration, investment, and executive management areas of your business. And because we understand the importance of your front-office service we have developed the TrustDesk Client Management Portal and Executive Management Portal.

Client Management Portal
The Client Management Portal was developed with direct input from relationship managers. We understand the importance of tools to help relationship managers better understand their clients' wants and needs, service their clients, ensure their continued business, and pursue cross-sell opportunities. The Client Management Portal provides your relationship managers with speed and efficiency in completing administrative tasks, enabling them to maximize the time they spend servicing clients and driving revenue.

TrustDesk Client Management Portal provides:

  • One-click information access
  • User-Efficient design
  • Workflow Management
  • Browser-based functionality

The Client Management Portal serves as the main launch page on a relationship manager's desktop. It provides a single gateway to not only TrustDesk information, but also planning tools, reference information, and communications capabilities.

The Client Management Portal is fully integrated, providing real-time access to both FIS and third-party products enabling your relationship managers to deliver superior service to your clients and help your organization compete more effectively in the marketplace.

Executive Management Portal
Is your organization growing revenue, both by branch and by region? Are your customers as happy as they should be? Are you mitigating all the necessary risks to protect your organization and its reputation?
Today's executives don't have time to search through multiple systems to get the answers to their top-of-mind questions. That's why we developed the TrustDesk® Executive Portal, which provides executives with single source access to the information they want, presented in a way that's most useful to the busy executive.

TrustDesk Executive Management Portal provides:

  • Business Management
  • New and Lost Accounts
  • Revenue Analysis
  • Customer Management
  • Key Accounts
  • Sensitive Accounts
  • Client Detail
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Excess Overdrafts
  • Excess Cash
  • Incomplete Reviews
  • Sales Tracking
  • Revenue by Desk
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