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Data Consolidation and Reporting

Data Consolidation and Reporting
Wealthware Information Management leverages your existing information technology infrastructure by consolidating data from multiple sources, including back office systems, into a central repository. Wealthware Information Management aggregates client account, position and transaction data to provide accurate and reliable information to all front office wealth management applications across the enterprise.

Consolidated Client View
Empower advisors with a client-centric view of holdings by consolidating information from multiple sources into a single data repository. Client, account and position data are aggregated from back-office or other internal third party systems and used to provide information for front office wealth management applications such as portfolio management, CRM and trade execution.

Mitigate Compliance and Regulatory Risk
FIS Information Server stores historical data and is able to maintain a “point-in-time” view of client, account, position and transaction information, providing a full audit trail and supporting compliance and regulatory reporting.

Leverage Existing Infrastructure
FIS Information Server loads data from existing back office, legacy and 3rd party systems such as ADP, National Financial, NSCC and FundSERV. This vendor neutral application provides a mid-tier communication channel and its open architecture integrates with leading Web and application servers.

Improved ROI
Consolidated data into a single repository feeds front facing wealth management applications, resulting in fewer errors and reduced cost. Order management and portfolio applications are automatically loaded with accurate data and straight-through processing, reducing re-keying of critical client, account or position information.

Enterprise-wide Wealth Management
Investors can have relationships across a number of lines of businesses. To develop a successful enterprise wealth management strategy, all investor touch points should have access to the same consolidated client view. Wealthware’s Information Management applications feed front-office systems across the enterprise with the consolidated and accurate information required for effective CRM, portfolio and order management.

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