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Integrated Compliance

Integrated Compliance
Annual Review Suite

The annual review process can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and a scheduling challenge. FIS Annual Review Suite eliminates these issues by automating the new as well as annual account review process. Staff members can now complete their review independently and electronically at their convenience, allowing more time to spend with clients and prospects.

Integrated with TrustDesk®, ARS is delivered to you to you without an interface to a third-party application, reducing your support costs and eliminating all the paper. All your data is centrally stored and protected, providing an electronic warehouse of completed reviews, comprehensive audit and compliance monitoring, and automation for the entire review experience. In addition, direct access to TrustDesk as well as InvestDesk® and ReturnTrack® solutions meets all your needs within one application, saving you time and providing greater workflow efficiencies.

Streamline the administrative and Reg 9 review process and improve your risk management and reporting through FIS’ fully automated and electronic review tool Annual Review Suite.

Annual Review Suite provides:

  • Workflow Customization
  • Customized Administrative Audit Questions
  • Automated Investment Compliance
  • Fully Integrated to TrustDesk
  • Electronic Routing & Approval
  • Electronic Storage
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