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Tax Deferred Exchanges

A key element of any solid business plan is the protection of assets. Minimizing your tax liabilities in addition to other operating expenses is equally as important as maximizing your revenues. Prudent investors and businesses protect their hard-earned assets by engaging the services of a professional Qualified Intermediary to facilitate the use of a tax deferred exchange to defer the taxes on the replacement of their investment and business assets. For over two decades the nation's largest Qualified Intermediary, INVESTMENT PROPERTY EXCHANGE SERVICES, INC. (IPX1031), has assisted tens of thousands of clients and their advisors by professionally managing their 1031 exchange and providing proven exchange solutions for enhancing their business portfolios and maximizing their investment dollars. IPX1031's superior expertise and customer service assures clients they have the financial security and professional Qualified Intermediary services they demand.

For more information about IPX 1031 visit http://www.ipx1031.com.

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