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The ePayments Institute

Training and education are important and necessary factors in any successful online services offering. FIS offers training for our new financial institution clients at the onsetof implementing their online services. Once the financial institutions are up and running with FIS ePayments, they are offered refresher courses and supplementary educational classes.

New Client Training

FIS ePayments offers regional training for financial institutions going through implementation for Internet Banking, Bill Pay and Cash Management. Each month we offer one, three-day workshop in one of the three regional facilities: St. Petersburg, Fla.; Birmingham, Ala. and Los Angeles, Calif.

Continuing Education

FIS offers continuing education training options. These courses are specifically designed for financial institutions that have already implemented ePayments services, but may need refresher classes on the latest features and functions. Ongoing training is also an excellent way to train new employees and staff.

For more information regarding our training options, please contact us via e-mail at epayments.training@fisglobal.com or call 800.253.5620, ext. 78136.

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