A company's core business depends on information technology, which places demands on management to address data security (customer and corporate), regulatory and compliance requirements. FIS executes a comprehensive security program that assures the integrity, confidentiality, availability, and control of company and client data.

FIS’ security services ensure the availability and integrity of systems across many industries including some of the nation’s top financial institutions, healthcare organizations, insurance companies and consulting firms. Employees, certified in multiple disciplines, combine to provide a secure environment for vital data resources. This includes expertise in information security, network and Internet security, project management, RACF and other security applications. Proven processes and disciplines include security patch management, directory authorization and authentication, firewall and router management, scanning and remediation, and intrusion detection.

Experience and Infrastructure Enable FIS to:

  • Centrally deploy and manage anti-virus applications
  • Provide firewall architecture, deployment, configuration, management and reporting
  • Monitor and manage network and host intrusion sensors
  • Deliver proactive vulnerability scanning, reporting and mitigation management
  • Manage mainframe RACF logical security access instances
  • Manage UNIX and Windows servers for logical security access

Description of Services

  • Architecture, design, management and implementation of:
    • Network and host intrusion detection
    • Penetration testing
    • Scanning and vulnerability reporting
    • Automated virus protection
    • Proactive security industry awareness
    • Incident management
  • Scanning, assessments and reporting – FIS conducts periodic vulnerability scanning and remediation management of servers and networks
  • Firewalls and perimeter protection – FIS uses best practices in design, implementation and security protection for all devices, including leveraging existing firewalls, Internet DMZ modules, intrusion detection systems, anti-virus and patch management.
  • Incident handling – FIS stands accountable on all incidents (virus, e-mail, network, worms, etc.) of security penetration risk, including assessment, troubleshooting, mitigation and event analysis.
  • Auditing – FIS provides leadership for all activities regarding audits and/or customer security inquiries.
  • Critical vulnerability remediation – FIS manages critical vulnerability remediation alerting, procedures, process and timelines to limit data loss or damage that result from virus, worms or malicious intent.
  • EPO, anti-virus – FIS provides expertise to plan, architect, deploy and manage an automated virus protection solution.
  • Compliance Management – FIS is vigilant of compliance requirements and works as a key participant and contributor to customers’ regulatory and compliance projects.
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